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January 22


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A-Bomb got repeatedly blasted by the energy bolts shot from the teen girl, now known as Blackfire. While the attacked did not faze him, it did irritate him.

“Hey! Blackie! Instead of just attacking us, how about ask us nicely to give that metal ball to you?!” A-Bomb yelled at the teen girl.

“Sorry, not my thing!” Blackfire replied as she continued to fire more energy blasts at the team.

Hinata dodged the blasts with her eye veins bulged out again to allow to see the attack patterns as she dashed around the flying teen. Maka tried dodging the blasts alongside WilyKat and WilyKit.

“We need a strategy! What do we do?!” Gabe called out to Maka, defending himself against Blackfire’s attacks with the energy shield from his gauntlets.

“A-Bomb! Fast Ball Special!” Maka called out.

“You got it Cap!” A-Bomb immediately rolled into a large armored ball and rolled acrossed the ground at great speed and bounced into the air towards Blackfire.

But Blackfire immediately dodged the ball. She smiled and scoffed at the heroes “Wow, you Earthlings are dimmer than I thought”

“Gabe!” Maka interrupted, calling out to the Gabe.

“Oh right!” Gabe responded and immediately aimed his Power Gauntlet, seeing his chance to prove himself at last. He shot energy blasts from his gauntlets at Blackfire. Blackfire then turned and widened her eyes as the beam headed her way, and just as it seemed the blasts were about to---

---Nope, he missed…

Wow…Gabe’s chance to shine…and prove that he’s fighter material…he managed to miss.

Blackfire floated in the air looking downward at the team in an awkward manner, wondering if there was something she missed.

The team sweatdropped seeing Gabe’s missed shot, and there was an awkward silence.

A-Bomb was uncurling himself before he looked at his team “Did we get her?!”

“Why don’t you ask Big Shot over there?!” the image of Soul appeared in the scythe, growling, referring to Gabe.

“I missed…huh…” Gabe sweatdropped looking stunned at his shot.

Blackfire soon snapped out her confusion and she grinned as she rocketed towards the crater where the sphere-shaped object landed.

“She’s going for the orb!” Maka exclaimed.

“What was your first clue?!” Soul growled frustratingly.

Blackfire soon landed at the crater and quickly picked up the metal orb. She laughed as she levitated out of the crater and into the air, triumphantly holding up the orb. But that proved to be a mistake, as an energy stream suddenly knocked it out of her hand.  

WilyKit saw the opportunity and immediately dashed and jumped and grabbed it. She then landed on then ground in front of WilyKat.

“Good save Kit!” WilyKat gave WilyKit the thumbs up,  

Blackfire gasped seeing Kit holding the orb. She snarled and turned to see Gabe smirking, pointing his finger indicating it was his doing. “Heh, I was never good at shooting energy pulse” Gabe chuckled “But shooting energy from my finger is a breeze!”

“You stinkin’ Earth maggot!!!” Blackfire cupped her hands together and sent out a large flash of energy at Gabe. But Gabe quickly activated the energy shield only for the flash to land in front of him, sending him flying further to the ground.

“Gabe!” the team gasped, seeing Gabe blasted away by the attack.

“I’ll deal with you later!” Blackfire growled at Gabe before turning her attention to WilyKit and flew towards her to get the orb.

“Oh no you don’t!” WilyKat jumped up and threw pellets at Blackfire. The pellets burst into numerous explosions, confusing Blackfire for a moment before she got hit an unknown force, sending her flying straight to the brick ground.

A-Bomb appeared out of nowhere and smiled “Invisible Fast Ball Special!”

Blackfire got up, rubbing her side. She then saw Hinata dashing towards her.

Without hesitation, Blackfire fired pinkish purple blasts from her eyes. But Hinata managed to dodge at every turn, thanks to her enhanced vision. But still Blackfire continuously shot her eye blasts at Hinata. But then Blackfire heard a growling noise. She looked up and saw Maka lifting her scythe in the air about to strike her.

Blackfire immediately dodged the attack as Maka landed on the ground. Maka then swung her scythe at Blackfire, who promptly dodged from the blade. She then caught the scythe by the handle, much to the former’s surprise.

Blackfire lifted up Maka by her scythe and flung her at Hinata.

Hinata gasped seeing Maka coming her way. And before she could react, Maka crashed into Hinata, sending the two tumbling on the ground.

Maka was seen lying on top of Soul, now back in his human form, and Hinata with the two girls having anime eye swirls.

“Well, that was embarrassing…” Soul stated.

Blackfire soon saw her chance and jettisoned towards WilyKit. But then A-Bomb appeared in her way, blocking her.

“You’d have to get through me, Little Lady!” A-Bomb glared at Blackfire.

Blackfire grunted, frustrated. But then she heard a groaned. She turned and saw Gabe getting up, recovering from her attack earlier. A cunning idea entered Blackfire’s head. And without hesitation, she flew at Gabe’s direction.

A-Bomb gasped and called out “Gabe! Watch out!!!”

But before Gabe could do anything, he was suddenly grabbed by the arm by Blackfire, who flew up into the air, taking Gabe with her.

Gabe yelped loudly, being carried into air. He then tried to gather his wits before looking up at his captor. He then charged the energy on the palm of his gauntlet.

“Nuh-uh-uh~” Blackfire noticed what Gabe was gonna do as she moved her index finger in a forbidding gesture before pointing downward.

Gabe looked downward and yelped, seeing he was far off the ground.

“Hey!!! Let Gabe go!!!” WilyKat yelled at Blackfire.

“Give me the orb first! Or this guy is toast!” Blackfire held up Gabe with her hand now charged, threatening to blast Gabe if the team doesn’t give her the orb.

“No don’t!” Gabe insisted.

“Can it, Geek Boy!” Blackfire growled.

“Dang…I knew he’d be nothing but trouble” Soul snarled, seeing Gabe now taken hostage.

“We’ll give you the orb!” A-Bomb cried “Just let our buddy go, OK?!”

“That’s more like it” Blackfire grinned evilly, raising her glowing hand at Gabe.

But Gabe did not want his team to give her the orb. If Blackfire has it, who knows what will happen. He didn’t want the mission to fail because of him. But then an idea struck his head.

“A-Bomb! Trust Exercise!” Gabe called, much to Blackfire’s confusion.

A-Bomb was confused for a moment, but then he smiled seeing what Gabe meant “OK!!”      

“Sorry for what I’m about to do, Princess. But I don’t like playing damsel in distress.” Gabe smirked at Blackfire “By the way, up close, you’re pretty cute…”

“Huh?…W-W-W-WHAAAT?!?!” Blackfire yelped in shock of what she just heard. She began to stutter, with her tone in a mix of rage, nervousness and confusion.

“What’s going on up there?” Hinata looked up, confused too while Maka was still lying on top of her.

“I dunno, but Gabe must’ve made her shocked somehow” Maka stated plainly.


As Blackfire continued to thunder at Gabe in a state of disbelief and shock. The team sweatdropped as they watched the scene happening. But what was even more shocking was what they heard what Gabe just called her.  

“Did I…hear that correctly…?” Soul looked awkwardly as he sweatdropped once again.

“This is sooooo wrong…” WilyKit shook her head in disapproval.

“I know…!” A-Bomb watched with his arms crossed at this rather hilarious moment “Kudos for him to say something like that to her face.”  


Just as Blackfire was about to blast Gabe regardless of getting her ransom or not after her shock, Gabe saw his chance and grabbed Blackfire by the arm with his free hand, sending a surge of electricity from his gauntlet, shocking Blackfire a bit. But it was enough to make her drop Gabe.

“A-BOOOOOOOOOOMB!!!!” Gabe called in distress as he was plunging towards the ground.

A-Bomb turned his attention back from that shocking scene and immediately leapt up and caught Gabe, landing him safe on the ground.  

“Thanks Buddy” Gabe sighed in relief.

“No probs, great idea for leaving her in a state of shock” A-Bomb winked.
“Hinata! Can you get up there and stun her?” Maka turned to Hinata.

Hinata nodded and she rushed towards A-Bomb.

“A-Bomb! Give me a boost!” Hinata called as she jumped on A-Bomb’s hand.

A-Bomb tossed Hinata right at Blackfire, with Hinata’s eye veins bulged out again and her hands glowed in blue, flaming aura.

Soon as Hinata got closed she struck Blackfire multiple times with her glowing palms. Hinata struck Blackfire in the chest.

Blackfire soon felt numb and found herself falling towards the ground.

A-Bomb leapt up, and this time, caught Hinata, landing her to safety while Blackfire fell on the ground with a loud thud, creating a shockwave which was rather smaller than the one A-Bomb created earlier.

(A/N: Boy, I had A-Bomb catch lots of people. And this is only the second chapter!)

Blackfire lay on the crater vaguely her shape. Miraculously, she survived the fall, although with a few scratches. She slowly stood up in an unsteady manner. She couldn’t feel her arms or her legs. And it looked like she was going to fall down soon. She then looked up and saw Maka came beside Hinata, followed by A-Bomb, Gabe, WilyKat and WilyKit, who was holding the metal orb.

Blackfire focused on the orb WilyKit was holding. She tried to get into her stance and think of a strategy to take down the team and get the orb in her possession. But it seemed the odds were against her. She couldn’t lift her arms right now. It was as if Hinata’s assault not only caused her arms to be numb, but also hindered her ability to shoot her energy blasts and her ability to fly!

Maka came in front of WilyKit while holding Soul, back in his scythe form, glaring at Blackfire “We’re not gonna let you take that thing so easily” said Maka.

“So either come quietly, or we could kick your sorry butt” A-Bomb grinned, punching his palm.

Blackfire felt she was now out of options. She couldn’t leave without that orb. It seemed to be important somehow. But she didn’t want to get her hide kicked, especially when there was a bunch of superpowered individuals in front of her. Soon an idea entered her mind. She could try that method. But she’s not going to like it. But for now, she’d have to swallow her pride and go with it.

She then groaned frustratingly and sighed as she fell to her knees, looking down solemnly.

A-Bomb looked slightly surprised and stated “Huh…that was easy”

“Yeah…pretty easy” Soul’s image on the scythe spoke, although looking suspicious.

“What are you guys waiting for?!” Blackfire said sternly “You guys won…! I surrender…there’s nothing much I can do now that my powers are nullified”    

“With pleasure” WilyKat said boldly as he got out a small disk-shaped pellet and threw it at Blackfire. Now instead of smoke, the pellet shot out metal wires that automatically bound the raven haired teen to assure her security.

“Hope you’ll enjoy getting locked up in Halo Academy’s containment unit” A-Bomb smirked at the raven haired team, who looked up in resentment. She slowly turned to Gabe, looking pretty pissed at him for distracting her.


Later, back at the base, the team minus Gabe, were present at the Grid, reporting their success to Zealot, Grifter and Dr. Manhattan.

WilyKat and WilyKit were sitting on the chair, each having half of a submarine sandwich.

“So it’s thanks to Gabe calling the enemy ‘cute’ that the mission is successful” Manhattan spoke plainly.

“Shockingly” said Soul, now back in his human form, crossing his arm while leaning on the wall.

“Yeah, it was Gabe’s flirting with that alien girl that we got that…whatever it is” chirped A-Bomb.

“So Gabe was able to prove himself as an asset to the team after all” Grifter commented “Go figure…”

“And in the end, we praise the newbie on his first mission” Soul stated, put his hand behind his head “This is starting to sound like a plot for a bad novel or something…”  

“MAKA CHOP!!!” Maka karate chopped Soul on the head, irritated, leaving Soul’s head to be bent in a cartoonish manner.

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” Maka said in an annoyed tone.  

“But what matters is that we have a new member of the team. Plus, we’ve got the orb, that evil alien girl’s in our cell below at ground level, everybody’s happy!” A-Bomb stretched as he reclined on his chair, and kicked back

“By the way, where is that orb anyway?” Zealot asked the team.

“Oh we left it at the lab” said A-Bomb “Just to see if Gabe is able to open it”

“But as that Blackfire character said; it’s alien technology” said Grifter.

“Yeah, we could’ve left it with Dr. Manhattan” Soul stated “What could Gabe possibly do? I mean, I know he’s a genius but…I doubt that alien tech is in his league”


Back at the lab, Gabe was sitting at his lab table, tinkering with his gauntlet after the battle. Gabe then yawned, putting down his screw and his elbow on the table. Gabe turned his attention at the metal orb the team acquired earlier, and picked it up “Let’s see if we can get you opened, little pod.”

But just then a visor appeared on the orb and shot out a green beam, much to Gabe’s surprise. The beam traced Gabe’s face, as if it were a scanner. Soon as the beam disappeared, the orb opened up, revealing an object inside.

Gabe’s eyes widened in amazement seeing what was inside the orb; it is revealed to be a thin, glowing, pentagon-shaped object, with strange writings on it and jewel like protrusions on each side.

The carvings on the object soon glowed as Gabe continued to marvel at it. But what is this mysterious object? That can be answered in the next chapter.

The second chapter of my multi-crossover fanfic, Team Venture. 

Yeah, I could've had Gabe cause the team to fail the mission. But I felt this has been done before. So I decided to take a risk and have the team succeed in their mission. Plus, I want to portray as being competent heroes, able to see the possibilities of defeating a foe that no other heroes could see.

For example, instead of having them watching Blackfire get away, let's think about this: We got a hulk-sized team member and a girl with the ability to nullify superpowers, what could we do with that? Oh I know! Have him throw Hinata into the air and have her attack Blackfire's pressure point and be done with it! Instead of having them stand around and going "Duuuuhhhhh...look at pretty flying lady...!"

Gabe could've been helpless yes, thereby costing the team the mission. Yes, that's true! That could've happened! But think about this. Gabe's power is intelligence and use of strategy. He could use his wit to get out of the predicament he's in instead of screaming like a little b*tch while dangling in the air, becoming a "Dumbass in Distress"! 

See where I'm getting at?

Anyway, my apologies if the endings pretty cheesy. But leave a comment, and tell me what you think.

I own NONE of the characters in the story, except my fictionalized self.

Other than that, have a nice day.  

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That was really bold of Gabe. :lol:
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Guy #2: So long stupid!

But he too get ran over by the train. :giggle:
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It's not a bad feeling actually. I just don't know what it is, or what it does. And I have no idea if it's harmful or not. 
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